"...the only complaint we have about Natural Selling Concepts is that it works too well! The problem is that we are running at 100% productivity for the next six to eight weeks. At this point, I believe that our ability to sell is beginning to exceed our ability to deliver."
- Peter Kulik, Founder, Kulik & Lazarus Consulting, Software Development

ISO Certified!

Stellar Sales Training, Inc. was one of only a few training companies in the world who had their training programs certified to the ISO Standard of quality under EN45013 for training marketing and sales organizations and individuals. This was an endorsement for our training at the highest international level.

Our Sales Training Programs

Natural Selling Concepts is based on fundamental principles that do not change over time. Honesty, integrity, and other critical character qualities are encouraged throughout all programs.

Public One Day Seminar: An intensive, one day public sales training seminar sponsored by select Chambers of Commerce and national associations discussing the principles of Natural Selling Concepts and the sales process. These seminars are typically more generic in nature to account for the wide range of industries represented by the attendees.

Customized In-house Sales Training: In addition, we also offer one-to-three day sales training seminars and workshops customized to the specific needs of your company and using actual examples and situations from your own company's sales force and from your industry.

Typical Steps for In-house Training

Executive Session: Real principles managers need to know and use every day.

Coaching and Mentoring: For those individuals and sales teams needing additional sales training beyond what is provided in the three day seminar, Stellar also offers ongoing sales coaching and mentoring.

You have nothing to fear. We will improve your selling ability and it is GUARANTEED!