“I have never liked seminars, but yours is without peer. The lessons learned have an immediate benefit. Thank you!”
- Mark Light, Executive Producer, Victoria Theatre Association, OH

Natural Selling Concepts has proven extremely effective for people in all types of businesses. Why? The Natural Selling Concepts programs are based on universal principles that apply to all people. Here is what some have said:

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Executive - Consulting, Human Resources

“It was outstanding. I have already started applying the principles, and they work.”
- Craig Rider, The Rider Group, OH

Manager - Training & Sales Management

“The techniques you teach are so logical, so non-threatening, so natural and so effective, it has made me ask myself, "Why did I not think of that before?" The training is fun, it teaches real world selling, and it gets results! Yes, I am sold on Natural Selling Concepts.”
- Bruce Carter, formerly Corporate Training with the Zig Ziglar Corporation, currently with Stop-Fire Corporation, OH

Executive - Entertainment Industry

“I have never liked seminars, but yours is without peer. The lessons learned have an immediate benefit. Thank you!”
- Mark Light, Executive Producer, Victoria Theatre Association, OH

Company Owner - Chemicals

“I ran an R&D Company for seven years before being exposed to Natural Selling Concepts. The course was like a light turned on in a dark room. I now know what I have to do to really increase my business.”
- Michael Gerace, Aster, Inc., OH

Director - Health Care

“We sent ten (10) of our people to the Atlanta Natural Selling Concepts seminar. Our people have attended many seminars and are definitely not an easy audience. Natural Selling Concepts was the first sales seminar ever where 100% of our people felt the program was truly excellent... 100%. Thank you.”
- Mark Norato, Principal Health Care of Georgia, Inc., GA

Sales Manager - Electrical

“In 25 years of business, this is the first program of this type which gave practical applications to situations... Answered many questions instead of creating more.”
- Arthur J. "Jack" Moore, Schaedler Brothers, Inc., Harrisburg, PA

Executive - Internet, Computers

“The Stellar Sales Training is the finest I have ever attended. It embodies an in-depth understanding of why people buy and how to sell without gimmicks and hype. It is an outstanding program, well presented, professional and honest. I recommend it without reservation to anyone in a sales or sales management position.”
- Dr. Jerry Perrich, President, The Environmental, Health & Safety Network, Inc., Internet Applications, OH

President - High Tech, Avionics

“Carl is a very dynamic individual, an excellent speaker and a very organized person. I have attended past seminars by Carl as well as training sessions, and in my opinion he is one of the best. He receives my highest recommendation.”
- W. Lynn Trainor, Systran Corp., OH

Operations Manager - Banking & Automotive

“I have been to many sales and management development seminars but I enjoyed Natural Selling Concepts the best. It was very informational... And it was done in a way that was entertaining. It definitely kept you alert. I learned more in Natural Selling Concepts than in all the other seminars put together.”
- Marcia Blevins, Adesa, OH

Marketing VP - Architectural Design

“In less than 24 hours after participating in the Natural Selling Concepts Seminar, I had already applied four new techniques to my sales approaches. I think you went above and beyond in delivering this seminar - and I believe I really received value for my investment.”
- Shirley Hoffman, Design Forum, OH

Inside Sales - Marketing Communications

“Not only was Natural Selling Concepts a great deal more than I expected, it was a culmination of the many other seminars, skills, training techniques, audio programs, etc. that I have listened to for years! Your delivery was direct and sincere. You did not try to entertain me or sell me. It was refreshing.”
- Jennifer L, Beans, The Finney Group, KY

Salesperson - Electrical

“I have been to four sales training programs and I feel yours was the best. It was non-threatening and more practical than theory.”
- Jennifer Siemens, Western Micro, CA

Sales Director - Hotel Services

“Many of our people said it was the best program we have had in a long time.”
- Kay King, Marriott Corporation, OH

Salesperson - Distribution

“Speaking technique was excellent... My attention was never lost.”
- Mary Felila, Spacecraft Comp., CA

Sales Manager - Electronics

“This is the best practical and all-around sales training program I have seen.”
- J.L. Sloan, Rochester Radio Supply, NY

Operations - Publishing

“Thank you for putting things together in such a manageable way. The progression is very logical. Your delivery made the training session a pleasure.”
- Jim Wilkinson, Walk Thru the Bible, GA

Senior Sales - Nationally Recognized Sales Force

“I have been selling for 27 years and have attended numerous sales seminars, sales meetings, and motivational meetings. The Stellar Sales Training is one of the best if not the best I have ever attended. Your down-to-earth training is very practical and very comprehensive. The real-life principles you present are very meaningful.”
- Rick Meritt, Boise Cascade Office Products, Atlanta

Executive - Software Development

“...the only complaint we have about Natural Selling Concepts is that it works too well! The problem is that we are running at 100% productivity for the next six to eight weeks. At this point, I believe that our ability to sell is beginning to exceed our ability to deliver.”
- Peter Kulik, Founder, Kulik & Lazarus Consulting, Software Development

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