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What Are The Typical Steps For
In-House Training?

The program suggested for most companies is outlined below. Each step is guaranteed and has individual value. You may stop at the conclusion of any step. Consecutive steps are often combined to reduce travel-related expenses.

Step one

A Management assessment takes place as well as an introduction to Natural Selling Concepts. This three-to-four hour management session will accomplish three things:

1) You will receive a complete picture of Natural Selling Concepts and why it is critical for your success now and throughout the 21st century.

2) You will receive a clear understanding of management opportunities and responsibilities in the program.

3) You will receive a number of management tips on hiring, training, accountability, and generating self-motivation in others.

Step two

Five to eight hours with your management team to customize Natural Selling Concepts for your particular market, style, and competitive environment.

Step three

Natural Selling Concepts is the most intense, high speed, and effective sales training available. . Guaranteed! (One-to-three days @ 8 hrs/day for your whole sales team. Days do not have to be consecutive.) This could include your people who are earmarked for certification as well as those who are not. Sales and marketing certifications are an excellent way to encourage your sales staff to make longer individual career commitments to your company.

Step four

Field work with individual managers and sales representatives. It is possible to make live sales calls with two (2) to four (4) managers or sales reps in one day. We also do live telephone work when appropriate.

Step five (optional)

Certification preparation & testing for qualified attendees.


Natural Selling Concepts annual review and audit.

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