Natural Selling Concepts: The Best Way To Sell

Natural Selling Concepts - The Best Way To Sell
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Customer Testimonials

“The techniques are so logical, non-threatening, natural, and effective, it has made me ask myself, 'Why didn't I think of that before?' I can, with confidence and enthusiasm say, 'It works!'... I am sold on Natural Selling Concepts.”
- Bruce Carter, Formerly in Corporate Training with the Zig Ziglar Corporation, currently with Stop Fire Co., Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

“...the only complaint we have is Natural Selling Concepts works too well! We are now running at 100% productivity and our implementation of Natural Selling Concepts was one of the major keys to our success.”
- Bill Lazarus, Founder, Lazarus Research Group, (Market Research and Business Development), Dayton, Ohio

“It was outstanding. I have already started applying the principles, and they work.”
- Craig Rider, The Rider Group, Ohio

“In 25 years of business, this is the first program of this type which gave practical applications to situations... Answered many questions instead of creating more.”
- Arthur J. "Jack" Moore, Schaedler Brothers, Inc., Harrisburg, PA

“I ran an R&D Company for seven years before being exposed to Natural Selling Concepts. The course was like a light turned on in a dark room. I now know what I have to do to really increase my business.”
- Michael Gerace, Aster, Inc., Ohio

About The Author

Carl Bromer is founder and president of Stellar Sales Training, Inc. In discussing his work philosophy, Carl speaks with sincerity and conviction:

“My objective is to provide comprehensive, effective, real-world sales teach sales principles and techniques that show business people how to succeed and have fun without compromising integrity or profitability.”

The author's clientele includes manufacturers, distributors, consultants, thirty-year salespeople, entry-level salespeople and individuals selling virtually every kind of product and service.

Prior to his current career in sales training, Carl Bromer served as a technician at Kennedy Space Center on the Apollo 4 through the Apollo 12. He also served in the U.S. Air Force as an F-4 fighter pilot; worked as National Sales Director for an international training corporation; and worked with Texas Istruments, Hamilton Avnet (Electronics Component distributor) and Eskco (where he was responsible for sales, manufacturing, and distribution).

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