“Your roadmap to success with your own natural style.”
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Product Description

The four CD Natural Selling Concepts series includes elements from the following topics.

- Disc 1 -

Introduction & Overview – What qualifies listeners? Program goals; Basics and principles that govern sales success; The world's definition of selling vs. ours.

Communication & Persuasion Theory – Why people do what they do! What really controls your success? What controls behavior? The critical function of habit patterns.

The Process & Prospecting & First Call – Prospecting, the best sources for finding new business; Making the "cold" call; Elevator speeches and why they are critical to new calls; Working with secretaries, assistants, and live prospects; The best response to all 1st call objections; The best way to leave voice mail if you want a call-back.

- Disc 2 -

First Call (continued) & Building Rapport – Dealing with objections to the 1st appointment; Building relationships; Projecting the right image; The four biggest relationship killers.

Finding & Developing Real Needs – The rules of communications; The most critical skill for a salesperson to have... (It's not listening); Several good techniques for improving this skill; The best way to qualify a prospect; Closing orders before the presentation.

Presenting - A small part of the process, provided you have done everything correctly up to this point; Talking benefits rather than talking features; Talking values rather than benefits; What you are selling isn't critical...What the customer really needs is!

- Disc 3 -

Customer Objections - Best Responses – Legitimate constraints vs. Objections; How to build best answers for every objection you will ever hear; The Value objections...

Customer Objections - Best Responses (continued) – The combination of quality, service, and price; The Stall objection; The Relationship objection; Why price is the most visible objection but relationship is the real objection.

Closing – The value of trial closing; Five (5) time-proven closes; Plus one to re-open lost orders; Plus one "Old Faithful" that always works!

- Disc 4 -

Planning Your Call & Program Summary – Planning your call... an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper, a pen, and 5 minutes can double your productivity; Program summary.

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